Additional $5,000 Added to 2018 WCS Foal Spectacular

The $10,000 World Clydesdale Show (WCS) Foal Spectacular is now the $15,000 WCS Foal Spectacular, thanks to an extra $5,000 donated by Victoria McCullough/The Davis McCullough Foundation.

The additional incentive is intended to promote the "boys of the breed" - our herd sires. This means that the sire of the winning Filly Foal and sire of the winning Stud Foal in the WCS Foal Spectacular will receive a bonus of $2,500. The premium will be paid to the owner of the sire when the mare was bred and will truly promote the grand genetics of the Clydesdale breed.

As of the 1/1/18 nomination deadline, 133 mares and 49 stallions has been registered.

Thank you so much Victoria for your continued support of the 2018 WCS, the Foal Spectacular, and the future of our breed!