WCS Schedule Changes for Oct. 26th

The 4:30pm start time for English Riding on 10/26/18 has been eliminated; all Veterans Memorial afternoon classes on 10/26/18 afternoon will simply be wrapped together, in order, beginning at 1:00pm (English Riding will take place immediately following Registered Gelding Cart)

  • The Not-So-Junior Driver Team Class (ages 65+) scheduled for the PRIME TIME schedule of 10/26/18 has been moved to that same date’s afternoon schedule, and will take place immediately following English Riding.

  • The Budweiser Clydesdales exhibition during the 10/26/18 PRIME TIME schedule has been moved up one slot, ahead of the Registered Mare Team.

  • To see the most up-to-date Friday, October 26th schedule, please click here.