World's Best Youth Clydesdale Showman Scoring


One of the many highlights of the 2018 World Clydesdale Show will be crowning a top overall youth showman. And since it's a 'World Show', we think the title of World's Best Clydesdale Youth Showman certainly applies!

A title that distinguished deserves a prize just as distinguished. And thanks to the Behn Bros. and Troyer Carriage Company, that's exactly what our winner will get ... a brand new Troyer cart.

During the 2018 World Clydesdale Show, all senior division classes will be included in the quest for the top overall youth. Points will be awarded for each and tracked as follows:

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 8 points
4th place = 7 points
5th place =6 points
6th place = 5 points
7th place = 4 points
8th place = 3 points
9th place = 2 points
10th place = 1 point

The participant with the most accumulated points will be our winner. Only one riding class will be scored. If an exhibitor enters multiple riding classes, their highest score will be used.

For our youth not yet eligible for 'senior division' classes, the Behn Brothers are sponsoring a nice prize for you as well - a brand new tack box. Points will be tracked and awarded for all junior division classes just as they are for the senior division.

Win or lose, the participation of as many youth as possible in the 2018 World Clydesdale Show is what we look forward to the most. After all, you are the next generation ... the ones who will carry our breed into the future. And we look forward to seeing all of your awesome talents in Madison!