2018 World Clydesdale Show Wagon Giveaway

How would you like to walk away from the World Clydesdale Show (WCS) with your very own hitch wagon? Quite a souvenir, eh? And even if you don't show horses or have room for it in your garage, you can take a quick picture with it - and then SELL it!

The giveaway is thanks to JW Schut, makers of quality custom hitch wagons for over 50 years, Greenwood Farms LLC, and Irish Thunder Clydesdales.

Here's how it works:

     1) Purchase an official 2018 WCS pin:

          1 pin = $25.00
          2 pins = $40.00

          (After 10/17/18, pins will only be
available to purchase on-site during
eligible days of the 2018 World
Clydesdale Show.)

     2) Indicate on your official Wagon
Giveaway Form whether you would keep
it or sell it if you were the lucky recipient.
Submit the form back to the CBUSA
office or associated representative.

     3) The winner of the wagon giveaway is
          scheduled to be announced as part of the
          WCS PRIME TIME schedule on
Saturday, Oct. 27th. 

     4) If the recipient does not wish to keep the
wagon, it would be auctioned off as part
of WCS festivities on Sunday, Oct. 28th.

jw logo.jpg
greenwood farms.jpg

Thank you to JW Schut, Greenwood Farms LLC, and Irish Thunder Clydesdales for this AWESOME and very generous promotion.